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Speed, efficiency and high performance are just a few characteristics of the vertical packaging system. The Absolut line follows the European quality and safety standards, keeping it among the best machines in the world. It packs products of different consistencies in various amounts forming several packages like the pillow , square bottom, 4 seals, gusseted and others.

The forming assembly has a quick change system and does not require adjustment when changing product sizes

An easy to operate, Allen Bradley full colour Command panel, displays the main adjustments of the machines and also indicates production statistical data, maintenance support and failure messages

Uniform package tracking by belt actuation is optimised by a film drive belt with gear motors(which is controlled by AB PLC and adjusted by AB HMI)

The machinery comes standard with a robust vertical seal which has quick adjustment levers, graduate scales and resources of alignment in all senses

The Jaw open-close system guides are maintenance free and jaws are fully adjustable
The quick change Jaw system for Teflon and silicone maintenance.

Optional extras
Square bottom
Hole punch
Date coders(As per customer specifications)
Motorised unwind assembly
Auxillary horizontal seal
Quick change system for smooth and striated horizontal seal
Open-close system with servo motor (jaws opening adjustment by HMI)

Technical data and Layout Model 250 Model 350
Package width 230mm 350mm
Package length 360mm 480mm
Maximum film roll width 500mm 740mm
Maximum external diameter of film roll *400**600mm *400**600mm
Internal diameter of film roll 80mm 80mm
Mechanical speed 120ppm 100ppm
Machine weight(approx) 700kg 800kg
Installed power-basic machine 11,2Kw 11,2kw
Electrical consumption-basic machine 4,0KW/h 4,0KW/h
Electrical net power 220/380 V +N+T, 3 phases 50 or 60 Hz
Command CLP Allen Bradley
Compressed air consumption 11001/min
Compressed air pressure 7 bar 7 bar


Model A B H H + Feeder Height
        Feeder 01 Feeder 02 Feeder 03 Feeder 04
Absolut 250 3600 mm 1250 mm 1600 mm 2400 mm 2500 mm 2900 mm 3600 mm
Absolut 350 3700 mm 1490 mm 1900 mm 2700 mm 2800 mm 3200 mm 3700 mm

Multiple head weigher for products with irregular shape like: biscuits, sweets, popcorn, potato chips and French fries
Drawer feeder for products like rice, beans and corn or maize.
Cup feeder for products.
Screw feeder for powdery products like coffee, juices, spices, etc.



Fuji Robotics overview

Fuji Yusoki has been supplying, developing and improving palletizing technology for nearly 40 years. In 1982, Fuji recognized the changing market and met the demands of the palletizing industry by developing the first Robotic Palletizer. We have since perfected the mechanical and electrical aspects of our robot models to match the needs of virtually every industry.