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EC-101 Robotic Palletizer

The EC-101 robot offers production rates up to 15 cycles per minute utilizing only 2 KVA.

This unit is a highly efficient robotic palletizer which provides the least expensive solution in our robot family with the ability to meet low- to medium-production requirements. When using the EC-101 robot, you will receive “added value” for years to come given the cycle-rate-to-power consumption ratio.

This new generation robot provides an ultra-quiet operation, improved efficiencies, and maximum flexibility.


Robot Model EC-101
Mechanism Articulated robot
Action mode Cylindrical
Weight capacity (including hand) 120 Kg (264 lbs)
Palletizing capacity (cycles / hour) 1000 cycles / hour
Degree of freedom 4 axes
Operational space  
Z axis (vertical) 2300 mm (90.5")
R axis (longitudinal) 1500 mm (59")
θ axis (turn) 330°
a axis (wrist) 330°
Hand gripper Clamp, fork, vacuum, custom designed
Memory 120 recipes
Teaching method Teaching playback / teaching support / "Teachingless" (option)
Power (200 / 220V, 3 phase, 50 / 60 Hz) 2.0 KVA
Main body weight (without hand) 800 Kg (1760 lbs)




Fuji Robotics overview

Fuji Yusoki has been supplying, developing and improving palletizing technology for nearly 40 years. In 1982, Fuji recognized the changing market and met the demands of the palletizing industry by developing the first Robotic Palletizer. We have since perfected the mechanical and electrical aspects of our robot models to match the needs of virtually every industry.



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