Robot Palletizer

A 700 III

The “A Series” robots are specifically designed to completely automate product loading and unloading in minimal spaces.
The A700 robot palletiser is composed of:
Four axis, multi articulated system
Four efficient, high precision brushless AC motors used to activate the robot movements, combined with absolute high precision encoders that permit the immediate restart of the system without calibration or reset even in the event of power loss.
Compact body design
Large working envelope
Control cabinet constructed in painted steel complete with control CPU, power section for robot arm, I/O for peripherals and programming of the system.
Optional cabinet to handle peripheral equipment complete with safety blocks. This cabinet is complete with emergency pushbuttons and cables.

Hand console to program the palletiser, complete with wiring and cables.
Benefits include:
High reliability and low maintenance
Operation flexibility of pallet stack formations
Reduction of production costs
Smaller working area due to compact designs

Technical Data  
Type of Robot 4 Axis palletiser
Working range (Robot Rotation) 0 to +360°
Working area (Vertical Section) 1500 x 2300 mm.
Max. payload 140 Kg. (including hand weight)
No. of axes 4 (R,D,O,T axes)
Working temperature 0 + 40 °C.
Relative Humidity 20 – 80 %
Max. Speed with single gripper (hand). 700 cycle/hour
The maximum speed is achieved when the product picking point and the release point (centre of pallet) are 60° rotated.
Repeatable stop position accuracy +/- 1 mm
Installed Power 2.5 Kva
Robot weight 1150Kg (without robot hand)



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