Rotary filler for open mout bags (carousel)


The Rotary Filling Machine Model RD/6A is designed for the semi-automatic filling of open mouth pre-made bags at very high speeds.

The operator places the empty bag onto the filling spout.
The empty bag automatically rotates under the filling spout where the weigher discharges the product automatically. The cycle is repeated by the placement of a new bag by the operator. The filled bag rotates and releases onto the bag closing conveyor system.
During rotation, the bag can be shaken by bag possing devices designed to settle the product into the bag for high quality closure.

Technical Data  
Number of spouts 6
Number of tipping units 3
Maximum bag dimension Larg = 700 x L = 1000 mm
Minimum bag dimension Larg = 450x L = 500 mm
Power supply 4 KW
Compressed air pressure 5-7 Bar
Air consumption 20 NL / cycle




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