Semi automatic bagging machines for open mouth bags

CF 25/L
Integrated net weght bag filling system fitted with screw feeder.
The system is composed of:

Carbon steel main frame, designed to support the weighing components, bag filling spout, clamping mechanism and product feeding equipment.
The product feeding mechanism is composed of a two speed screw feeder complete with motoreducer. The end product valve required to improve the overall system precision is placed under the outlet of the feeding screw and activated through a pneumatic cylinder.
The weighing system is composed of two load cells assembled with overload protections, mounting mechanisms for the bag feeding spout and bag clamping mechanism. The station is furnished with electro-pneumatic bag holding jaws complete with cylinders, limit switches and bag presence sensors used to activate the bag clamping mechanism.
Electrical cabinet. All the central circuitry is housed in a sealed electrical cabinet with IP 55 degree of protection. All circuiting materials and design criteria have been selected in accordance with the international recommendations for quality and safety characteristics. The front panel is complete with control buttons, lights and switches to enable the automatic and manual cycling of the equipment.

Technical Data  
Nominal capacity 100 - 300 bph
Bag width 300 mm - 650 mm
Bag length 450 mm – 1100 mm
Bag material Paper - Woven
Bag type Pillow, gusseted or pinch bottom
Bag weight 10 – 50 Kg




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