Semiautomatic bagging machine for valve bags


The MBL is a compact bagging machine designed for valve bags and equipped with an integrated weighing system.
The MBL system is very flexible in design and suitable for handling products of differing handling characteristics.

Available feeding systems:
TF: turbine
CF: screw
NGF: belt
LGFV: fluidiser The MBL is available for use in semi-automatic solutions where the operator places the bag onto the spout and fully automatic solutions with an automatic bag placer.
Positioned in front of the MBL machine are the filling nozzle and the stationary bag support, which has an incorporated motor-driven vibrator for settling the product inside the bag.
During the bag filling cycle, the bag is held onto the nozzle by a pneumatically operated bag-gripper and automatically ejected on filling completion.

Technical Data  
Valve dimension 80 – 160 mm
Weight of the bag 5 – 60 Kg.
Production rate Up to 300 bags per hour




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