Bag Palletizer

The CPD 1300 is a dynamic check weigher designed to be integrated into a production line to automatically check the package weight with the option to reject the out of tolerance weights or eventually select them in different weight classes.
The system comprises a control cabinet, column mounted integrally with the weighing system housing all the electronic circuits for the weight acquisition and the weighing cycle control.

The system is complete with:

Pre feeding belt conveyor used to stabilize the inlet speed of the package on the weighing station.
Weighing station composed of a weighed belt conveyor mounted on a load cell with the Microstat Electonic Controller featuring digital weight display, programmable keyboard and display, statistics with programmable automatic printer.
Exit belt conveyor used to extract the package from the weighing station. An electro-pneumatic reject system, electronically activated by the controller if there is an out of tolerance weight or a presence of metal is fitted on this belt.

The main features of the electronic controller are:
High intensity LED display for the display of each package weight
Backlight symbol to indicate the functioning of the controller and any alarm conditions
Water resistant polycarbonate front panel with integral membrane keyboard
Protection against unauthorized access to the programming mode
Safety battery with 2000 hours of autonomy that protects the memory of the programmed data and statistics
Power signals to control the solenoid valve for the rejecting system
Opto-isolated outputs to be connected to any remote system
Opto-isolated outputs for the signalling of the actual weight. This signal will be used when the checked package has to be packed in multi-package or in default number
Statistical data with the display of:
- weight trend
- running mean weight
- standard deviation
- process capability
- total number of good packages
- total weight of good packages
- total number of reject of overweight + and ++
- total number of reject for underweight - and --
- total number of metal contaminated packages
Communication to central computer by serial port RS 422 for statistical data centralisation.(optional)

Certification Secondo OIML 61 R
Power interface 24 VDC 500 mA uscite
Power interface 24 VDC 500 mA uscite
24 VDC 10 mA.ingressi
Installed power 750 VA
Compressed air pressuer 5 - 7 BAR
Working surface height 700 - 1100 mm
Width of the belt 230 mm
Length of weighing station 400 mm
Length of ejecting group 1200 mm

The CPD 1300 is designed for easy and simple maintenance.



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